How to use the Better Access Map

The Better Access Map (BAM) provides you with detailed information about the access features of business and organisations.

Here are some instructions that will help you navigate and search for business and venues that suit your access needs and allows you to confidently access the community.

1. Download and open the Better Access Map

Download at Google Play or the App Store or you can use The Better Access Map online at

Get it on Google PlayDownload on the App Store

2. Search for a business and/or venue:

You can start your search via the homepage of the website or on the app by entering the business name, keyword or business type e.g. café, chemist.

Not sure of the business name or just want to see what is in the area you are visiting – then you can search by suburb or area e.g. Gosford or Central Coast.


3. Sign up (optional)

You can sign up to the Better Access Map so that you can easily save your access requirements and search for venues that meet your needs.

You can also receive updates and news from the Better Access Map by signing up.

Sign Up

4. Set your search preferences

If you have specific access requirements that you are looking for in a venue like an accessible toilet or Braille information, click on ‘Search Preferences’.


More information about the Access at a Glance Symbols can be found at

Some information on profiles of venues is provided in Auslan – it is here that you can choose for that to be displayed.

5. Navigate through list of profiles

If you choose to view search results on the map, place the cursor/pointer over the BAM pin to view business name and address.

Umina Beach Map

If you chose to view a list of search results a list of businesses/venues will appear, with the venues closest to your location appearing at the top. You will see there is a blue circle with a tick if that business matches one of your ‘Access at Glance’ search preferences.

Yousave Chemist

6. Choose your business/venue

Click on the Better Access Map pin or View to open the full profile for your chosen business/venue.

At the top of the profile you can easily find the contact information and directions to the venue.

If the business/venue met the criteria for any ‘Access at a Glance’ symbols you will be able to quickly see these.

Gosford Sailing Club

Continue to scroll down the profile to find other information that will assist you to decide if that venue meets your access requirements or just to know what to expect when you arrive.

To go back to the search results list or the main search page click the Back button at the top of the page.

7. Enjoy your visit to your chosen venue or business!

Now that you have accessibility information at your fingertips, you can confidently find and visit accessible places wherever you go.