How do you collect the information for each venue?

Our trained assessors visit each venue in person. The assessor collects the information on an iPad using our unique access questionnaire and taking measurements and photographs. The Information our tool collects has been decided in consultation with people with a disability and covers a broad range of access requirements.

How often is the information reviewed?

Each venue on the map is contacted every 12 months to find out if anything has changed. Venue owners or app users can also contact us at any time to inform us of changes. If we find that venues need to be revisited, venue profiles are taken down until our trained assessors can visit and update the information.

Why are venues that are not accessible to me on the Better Access Map?

Each person’s accessibility requirements are different. The Better Access Map does not aim to say what is good or bad access. We provide information on a broad spectrum of physical, hearing, visual and sensory access needs and understand that what is accessible for one person is not always accessible for another. The Better Access Map aims to give you the information you need to work out if a place or space is accessible for you.

How can I get my venue profiled on the Better Access Map?

If you would like your venue profiled on the Better Access Map, email us a profilemyvenue@betteraccessmap.com.au and we will let you know if we are scheduled to be in your area.