Alanna Julian – Staying connected during COVID-19


Guest blogger Alanna Julian
We’d like you to meet Alanna Julian. Alanna works as an Inclusion Project Officer and is passionate about advocating for the inclusion of people with a disability. Alanna shares with us some of her simple ideas for staying connected during COVID-19. Read more here

New improvements to the Better Access Map


Person using the Better Access Map on a smartphone
The COVID-19 pandemic may have stopped our team from visiting venues and adding more accessible places to the Better Access Map, but it hasn’t stopped us from making some pretty awesome improvements (In our humble opinion) and adding some snazzy new features to the app and website! Read more here

Celebrating the year of welcome together


Group of young people sitting at a table sharing a meal
Refugee Week 2020 (14-20 June) is a chance to celebrate the contributions that refugees have made to Australia. Read more here

How Better Access Map helps to take the guesswork out of going out for the blind or vision impaired


David Aveyard, BAM user
Imagine doing your shopping when you can’t see… How would you locate the items you want? Or know where the cash register is? For many people who are blind or have low vision these are some of the challenges they face every day. But being blind or vision impaired doesn’t automatically mean you lose your independence. Read more here

Quick tips for making your social media posts more inclusive


Girl using smartphone
Technology has the ability to unite us globally and provides us with information in an instant, helping us to learn, be more efficient at work, and meet new people. With the majority of us staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, communication through digital technology is more apparent in our daily lives than ever before. Read more here

From under the COVID-19 doona I wonder… will ‘normal’ mean inclusive?


Woman with doona covering half her face
Are you flinging the COVID-19 doona off quickly, sliding one toe out or pulling it up over your head? Whatever your approach, we are all laying here wondering how our lives might change as we fold the doona and put it away. Read more here

Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week


University student, Hayley
Monday 4th May to Sunday 10th May is Tourette Syndrome Awareness Week. We spoke with Hayley, a 21 year old university student, to highlight what life is like when you have Tourette Syndrome (TS). Hayley talked to us about some of the common misconceptions surrounding TS and the support she gets from friends, family and support groups.   Read more here

Welcome to the Better Access Map blog!


Vinnies staff and supporters standing in front of a Better Access Map banner in Gosford

Hello & Welcome to our first blog post! We have been around for a little while now so we thought it was time for us to tell you a bit about how the Better Access Map began.

Read more here