The Better Access Map (BAM) provides you with detailed information about the access features of business and organisations. By providing easy to use information on a broad spectrum of physical, hearing, visual and sensory access needs, BAM gives people with a disability the confidence to go out independently and with dignity.

We know that what is accessible for one person is not always accessible for another, this is why we consulted with people with a broad range of access needs including physical, hearing, visual and sensory, to determine the information we collect.

Any business or organisation can list their details, using our simple but comprehensive guide. Verified listings have been independently verified by our trained assessors. Our trained assessors, many of which have their own access requirements, visit each venue in person, collecting over 200 pieces of information. Our assessors are not there to say if a venue is “accessible” or “not accessible”, they are there to collect the information we know is important to our map users.